Number 462 - June 30, 2015

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A concert that reminds us not to forget, but also allows us to celebrate peace: the Filarmonica della Scala in Sarajevo, 20 years from the genocide at Srebrenica.
Recent clashes in Macedonia have brought the Western Balkans back to the center of attention. 20 years on from the Dayton Agreement, this is how the process for the democratization of the region is proceeding.
A work by Uzbekistani photographer Said Atabekov makes people think about pursuing and confirming our individual and collective identities
Combining solidarity and market and how this is possible. A challenge in which UniCredit Foundation is also involved.
Finally, the season of the Opera Festival of the Arena di Verona: one summer in six opera titles.

Notes of peace fill Sarajevo

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Twenty years after the hostility in Bosnia, La Scala Philharmonic returns to the symbolic city of the Balkans for a special concert, a highly-symbolic, interfaith celebration.

The event will take a look at the future of this traditional Country that has served as a center for meetings and dialogue among the various cultures in the heart of Europe.

Western Balkans 20 years after Dayton

What happened in Macedonia brings the spotlight back to focus on the region. Which needs the European Union to play an active role in guaranteeing political and economic stability more than ever before

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East and West, a possible meeting

Simply meeting with the other can end up in a conflict. This has often happened, and still happens today, with a religious or racial pretext. As we are also reminded by a work by Said Atabekov

When a social enterprise makes a profit

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Today's challenge is to bring together social enterprise and market, and to demonstrate that the two concepts are only seemingly in contrast with each other.
On the occasion of awarding the UniCredit Carta E winners, a conference was organized by the UniCredit Foundation to try to explain how this is possible.

Verona: Opera on stage

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54 evenings are on the program with six Opera titles, two gala evenings and the much-anticipated return of Carmina Burana for the 93rd edition of the Opera Festival in the Arena di Verona

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Jun 26 - Oct 31, 2015
Jean Dubuffet returns to Italy after 51 years with his exhibit "The theater of the Earth" in the new exhibition space at the Biodiversity Garden of the Botanical Garden in Padua

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Jun 26 - Sep 13, 2015
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the museum's restoration, Rivoli Castle offers a tribute to the architect from Turin.

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May 22 - Aug 30, 2015
One of the biggest names in the new Chinese art scene presents his first Italian solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna

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Apr 21 - Jul 18, 2015
Dozens of recent works, along with figures and still life paintings by the Columbian master which have never been shown in Italy before are to go on display for the Milanese exhibition

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Jul 05-11, 2015
Rendez-vous at NBC Camps at Castel di Sangro. Awaiting a transfer to USA camps in 2016

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Apr 25 - Nov 08, 2015
The four contemporary art museums in the Turin metropolitan area will be hosting an exhibition looking at the artistic interpretation of the concept of truth, or reality, over two hundred years: from 1815 to 2015

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