Number 463 - August/September, 2015
Tropical rainforests: why does their well-being affect us so much? We asked Claude Martin, internationally renowned naturalist and environmentalist

Vacation time, a desire to travel. Which countries offer the best deal for those with euros in their pockets? Stefan Bruckbauer, Chief Economist at Bank Austria, explains

The Teatro Regio Turin Philharmonic has a new musical director, Gianandrea Noseda, and the 2015-2016 concert season is packed with events and international guests

Economic forecasts for Central and Eastern Europe in the CEE Quarterly for the third quarter 2015

Summertime, a desire to go on vacation. A few suggestions to relax mind and spirit with art exhibitions, entertainment and sports

A Forest Will Save Us

Saving the forests to save humankind

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This hugely topical issue is included in the UN negotiations for the drafting of the new Sustainable Development Goals.
The reason it is so important, and what can be done about it, was explained in an interview with renowned ecologist Claude Martin.

Who, on the need for a commitment to safeguard our natural assets, said...

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Holiday Time, with Euros in Your Pocket

Where are the cheaper countries to go on holiday?

Hungary, Turkey and Croatia are some of the preferred destinations for Austrians, while Switzerland remains the most expensive destination. Or so says a study by economists from Bank Austria.
The study reveals that Holiday Euros are worth more in Europe because of Austria's higher inflation, while in non-euro countries a weak euro means the currency is worth about 15% less

Positive Signs in Central and Eastern Europe

The new EU member states in Central Europe have benefited most from recent developments because of increased integration in the euro area, while once again the unknown elements are Ukraine and Greece

Noseda takes to the podium at the TRT Philharmonic

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Gianandrea Noseda, the new conductor of the Teatro Regio (Theater Royal) Turin Philharmonic, presented the program for the 2015-2016 Season of Concerts

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Waiting for September...

Music, sports and fine cooking to enjoy what's left of the summer

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Jul 09 - Sep 06, 2015
Al Foro Boario di Modena il racconto di altri mondi, vicini e lontani

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Jun 26 - Oct 31, 2015
Jean Dubuffet returns to Italy after 51 years with his exhibit "The theater of the Earth" in the new exhibition space at the Biodiversity Garden of the Botanical Garden in Padua

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Jun 26 - Sep 13, 2015
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the museum's restoration, Rivoli Castle offers a tribute to the architect from Turin.

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May 22 - Aug 30, 2015
One of the biggest names in the new Chinese art scene presents his first Italian solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna

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Apr 25 - Nov 08, 2015
The four contemporary art museums in the Turin metropolitan area will be hosting an exhibition looking at the artistic interpretation of the concept of truth, or reality, over two hundred years: from 1815 to 2015

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