Number 460 - April 30, 2015

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The curtain opens on the EXPO in Milan. The city is hosting Expo 2015 along with an exhibition at the Royal Palace. There, the two curators guide us through the discovery of the golden age of Lombard art, two centuries that saw Milan at the heart of Europe.
With Expo the focus is on food and on agriculture, which reaffirms its central role in human life. A UniCredit report emphasizes its importance to the world economy and also that of Italy
There is also a focus on food, this time in Genoa, with Slow Fish. Saving the sea is the first step to feeding the planet
On the world stage, Russia and Ukraine are still an unknown factor. Forecasts by UniCredit's economists
Writing for CEE, on its way to the 12th edition of the international journalism award sponsored by Bank Austria
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The cosmopolitan Milan of the Houses of Visconti and Sforza

An evocative, and in many ways unique, journey through two centuries that saw Milan as the heart of Europe.

Serena Romano and Mauro Natale, curators of the exhibition at the Palazzo Reale, accompany us through the golden age of Lombard art to show us a city which served as the crossroads for languages that were experimenting with the new and producing the beautiful

Agriculture in figures

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The first link in the food industry chain, the agricultural sector accounts for 5% of world GDP and is constantly expanding.

It is a market that evolves with the coming of new requirements dictated by new lifestyles or a renewed focus on quality, among other things...

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Change of course with Slow Fish

Taking center stage in Genoa are the pleasure connected with food and the environmental issues relating to the protection of the sea and its fish species. This is because all our actions end up in the sea, and it is time to change course

Russia/Ukraine: Going the wrong way

Still weak performances of the two countries. With problems that have been dragging on before the start of the conflict. As structural rigidities and a reform program that is not complete

Writing for CEE 2015

Al via la dodicesima edizione del premio giornalistico internazionale promosso da APA, Austria Presse Agentur, e UniCredit Bank. Il focus, come sempre, sui temi legati all'Europa Centro orientale

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Apr 21 - Jul 18, 2015
Dozens of recent works, along with figures and still life paintings by the Columbian master which have never been shown in Italy before are to go on display for the Milanese exhibition

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Jul 05-11, 2015
Rendez-vous at NBC Camps at Castel di Sangro. Awaiting a transfer to USA camps in 2016

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Dec 24, 2014 - Jun 02, 2015
A total of 115 extraordinary works from museums and private collections from all over the world will be displayed at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, re-examining the depiction of night

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Mar 08 - Jun 07, 2015
Foro Boario will host an anthology dedicated to one of the most authoritative interpreters of international contemporary photography.

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Apr 25 - Nov 08, 2015
The four contemporary art museums in the Turin metropolitan area will be hosting an exhibition looking at the artistic interpretation of the concept of truth, or reality, over two hundred years: from 1815 to 2015

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